Tools are essential items at home. This is because a home has several appliances that need proper maintenance and regular repair.

Owning a tool at home reduces the expense of hiring a mechanic to do even the minor repair that a homeowner can do for himself.

However, not all tools are simple and easy to use. Some tools are dangerous and complicated to handle and should only be handled by an expert.

5 Must-Have Tools At Home

1: Claw hammer

Claw hammers are necessary tools at home. There are two types of claw hammers, the straight claw hammers and the curved claw hammers. Both have a similar role.

Claw hammers are used for hitting a nail into an object or driving it out of an object. Claw hammer is a must tool because there are many objects that need to be supported by a nail at home.

Repair work can hardly succeed without using a nail.

2: Manual screwdriver

There are many types of screwdrivers. These tools are classified in terms of the shape of their tip, and the shape of the screw to work on.

A screwdriver is a tool used to remove a screw from, or to insert it into an object. It has a handle and a tip. The tip is inserted at the head of a screw to push the screw in or out of an object.

Similar to nails, many appliances at home like bulbs,beds among others,are held on an object by use of a screw.

3: Pliers

Similar to screwdriver, pliers are classified into different shapes and sizes.

Pliers are used to tighten , rotate or cut a strong object that is hard to cut by use of bare hands. For instance hard or wide wires.

4: Hand drills

Hand drills are important tools at home. They are tools used to drill holes either on a stone, brick,hard wood or on wall. They are mostly used at home to facilitate easy installation of an object on the wall.

5: Ladders

There are two types of ladders. The rigid ladders and the rollable ladders. Rigid ladders are self supportive ladders or ladders that need little support by leaning them on a wall. Rollable ladders need a support of a rope or any strong object that can hung it from top.

Ladders are generally tools used to support or raise someone working on a high raised level object.

5 Must-Have Tools For All Homeowners